Airtrack Far East Pte. Ltd.

Fume Scrubber and Fan System that will soak up all the foul air from your workplace

 We Move and Purify Air

We are in the designing and making of anti air pollution equipments since 1990. We have extensive experience in making equipments to arrest and to control air pollutants like dust and fumes from the chemical industries and clean rooms.

Our experience also include in the design, fabrication and installations of chemical resistant PP and PVC ductworks.

The equipments we design and fabricate are:

A)  Chemical Resistant Fans where the fan scroll can be made of Polypropylene or Fiberglass. The Impellers are all made of Fiberglass.

B)  Design and fabricate Wet Fume Scrubber and Dry Activated Carbon Chambers. We build to requirement because there is no such single multi purpose Scrubber and Fan that can be designed for all type of airborne contaminants. Gaseous pollutants like HCl, HF, Cl2 SO2, H2S, NH3, NOx, ammines, alcohol and organic gases are common emission from chemical process plants. Often, caustic or acid solutions are used, rather than water, to react and neutralize with the absorbed gas to form soluble salts. As these are very corrosive, we have the special capability of selecting the proper materials of construction. Often than not, stainless lined steel, exotic metals, PVC, PP and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) are used.

Our in-house Fan Design. Fan Scroll can be made of PP, PVC or Fiberglass. But all impellers are made of FRP

Chemical Resistant In-Line Centrifugal Fans of various sizes. Casing materials are made of PP

Control Panel that come with the above scrubber

Our Fan Products. Material can be made of PP, PVC or Fiberglass

If you have a requirement and are looking for a scrubber system, fans or ductwork, do give us a call or send an email to us. If possible give a brief description of your requirement and see if we can be of help or service to you.