Airtrack Far East Pte. Ltd.

Fume Scrubber and Fan System that will soak up all the foul air from your workplace

 We Move and Purify Air

A Clean Environment free from air pollution is the

birth right of all breathing beings.

Below are some of the chemical fume scrubbers & fans we had done.

A well designed industrial fume scrubbing equipment can go a long way to return foul and effluent laden gasses from your factories back to the atmosphere as clean and pure as before and save the environment

We Manufacture Chemical Resistant Fans

Airflow: 150 to 100,000 CMH

Static Pressure: 200 to 2,500 Pascal

Material make of: PP, PE, PVC & FRP

We Design, fabricate, supply and install Scrubbers and Fans for the following industries:



*Chemical mixing and blending

*Clean Rooms

*Electronic Circuit Board Manufacturing

*Spray Painting

*Laboratory Fume Hoods and Chemical Fume Cupboards

*Hospital Labs.

*Solar Panels Making Industry

*Emergency Chemical Fumes Leakage from Storage and   Warehousing

*Garbage Collection Centre

*Municipal Waste and Sewers

Fan Design

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If you have a requirement and are looking for a scrubber system, fans or ductwork, do give us a call or send an email to us. If possible give a brief description of your requirement and see if we can be of help or service to you.

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