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Fume Scrubber and Fan System that will soak up all the foul air from your workplace

 We Move and Purify Air

Here are some of the many fans we had fabricated. Fans scroll materials are often made of PP, PE, PVC and FRP. But all impellers are molded and made of FRP. They are all chemical resistant and designed for corrosive air movement applications.

Potential applications for FRP fans include any process in which corrosive fumes must be captured, moved, cleaned, or vented. FRP fans are most often used in fume-scrubber systems where the scrubber itself may be constructed of FRP or an exotic alloy, but where FRP is the preferred fan material. Galvanizing and etching processes often have FRP exhaust hoods and ducts, and many of the fans used to convey fumes in such systems are also built of FRP. Wastewater-treatment plants and laboratory exhaust systems are other applications for which FRP fans are being used with increasing frequency.